Salt Water
Prestigious Freeform
Featuring an increased reading area, Salt Water enables you to clearly read text from any angle and direction. Salt Water comes in both soft and hard lens design, allowing us to tailor your viewing experience to your needs. In addition, Salt Water features all the benefits of Spring Water, resulting in a lens package that suits both indoor and outdoor activities.

- Atoric Optimization Technology
- Customized digital design ( Panto, V-Distance, Wrap Angle )
- Wider field of near vision
- Minimum fitting height of 15mm
- Available in all lens materials

Fitting Min. Height Material Logo Design Type Add Power Distortion Frame Size Wearers Exp. Wider view
2 up 16 mm All WT(S) Soft Low to Mid Free Standard to Large Beginner D:25%  I:35%  R:29%
2 up 15 mm All WT(H) Hard Mid to High Very Small Small to Medium Experienced D:29%  I:27%  R:29%
4 up 16 mm All WT(X) Xtra Hard Mid to High Small Standard to Large Experienced D, I, R: 29%
D: Distance, I: Intermediate, R: Reading